Uninstall Winner 2.5

With Uninstall Winner you can uninstall programs easily and correctly
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Uninstall Winner is a program to completely remove installed applications.
Sometimes, Window’s "Add or Remove Programs" applet cannot remove all the “things” that a program puts in your system when installed - things like folders, files, and registry entries. Uninstall Winner not only does a better job than that Window’s feature, but also it is capable of removing programs with corrupted or missing uninstall files.

By uninstalling unneeded programs, you will recover disk space and improve your system’s performance, reducing the size of your registry and the memory used by programs that you forgot you had installed.

Every uninstall job will be done through a wizard, that will easily guide you through three simple steps. By clicking on the icon that identifies the program you want to remove, you will first see in the lower end of the interface all the technical data available for that program. Uninstall Winner will launch the original uninstall program when found, and then it will wipe the leftover entries in the registry and the files that can be safely deleted.

Finally, the "Force" feature is a special uninstall function intended to get rid of especially hard to remove programs, such as some antivirus, Adobe’s programs, and even Windows 7. This feature is disabled in the unregistered version.

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